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Introduction & Services of Transmission Line Department

Power transmission line department is one of first units which was founded and activated after establishment of the company.
Utilizing experienced staff and engineers and technicians with full potential, this department is completely capable to perform all of transmission and sub-transmission projects and services thoroughly and without any dependence on other organizations
Since the beginning, this sector has accomplished design, routing and site supervision of more than 100 projects with different scales and voltages of 400,230,132 and 63kV.In summary, we can mention Tabriz-Khoy 400 kV single-circuit line, Urmia-Khoy 400kV line, Ahar-Armenia, Andimeshk-Dehloran, Parand - Sahmsabad and Khoy-Urmia 230kV double-circuit lines as the noticeable projects

Some specific projects

Due to clearance constraints of transmission lines inside Shamsabad industrial town, some parts of Parand-Shamsabad line utilizes special concrete towers, the body of the which, is connected directly to all 6 phases and cross arms are used only for jumpers. Another unique project is specific design and implementation of Khoy-Urmia 230kV double-circuit line, utilizing concrete towers with equivalent span of metal towers for first time in Iran
Golmankhaneh-Shorakand and Shorakand to Urmia3 industrial substation 230/132 kV four-circuit lines are another examples of single pole concrete and metal towers which are implemented around Urmia lake and their foundation is mostly made up of Poor Soil and implemented through  …… and also another transmission line connecting SahidSalimi substation to ShahrakSanati has been implemented similarly with pile-supported foundations …


:In addition to design, supreme-supervision and site supervision contracts, Our consulting company in this department has another types of contracts, for instance

  • Ongoing Preventive Maintenance Project contract for transmission and sub-transmission lines: employers are Tehran Regional Electric Co. and Azarbaijan Regional electric Co
  • Optimization of transmission and sub-transmission lines contract is another current project(employer: ZANJAN Regional Electric Co.). This project consists of optimized recovery of destructed foundations, insulator, suspension clamps and related cross arms replacement

Furthermore, another project named “supervision of maintenance for 63kV double-circuit line of Aydoghmoosh 400kV substation” has been implemented currently employer: East Azarbaijan Regional Water Authority

Transmission line department main softwares


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