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Electrical Substation Department

Having more than two decades of valuable experiences in power transmission in addition to technical documentations and well-trained and capable human resources, substation engineering department in Mona Co. has accomplished design, tender holding and supervision of several 63,132,230 and 400kV substation projects successfully


Experienced staffs in substation engineering field constitute professional group of this department which is completely ready with full potentials to perform all stages of substation design from primary phase to elaborative and execution plans preparation and supervision of installation and commissioning as following

Preliminary design and tender& supervision documentations preparation:
This part includes load flow studies, substation optimal location and its voltage level, substation general design and technical specifications& tender documentations along with primary maps, tender formalities for equipment procurement, technical and financial evaluation and qualified contractor's selection, checking correspondence between design and technical specifications, factory tests supervision, preparation of installation and commissioning tender documentations, tender holding and contract, supervision of installation and commissioning operations and finally, provisional handover and removing defects for project permanent handover Professional electrical engineering group has the experience of more than hundred projects in 63 to 400kV substation engineering filed

Elaborative design and preparation of project execution plan:
This type of work, due to delicacy, precision and special difficulty and also direct link with type and specification of equipment, had been assigned to some active contractors in substation erection field before substation department experts, having required knowledge and experience, accomplished several similar projects in this field successfully
Work details include:  preparation of substation placement maps and … according to utilized equipment and related foundation maps preparation, preparation of outdoor equipment installation maps, bus-bar connections, equipment list preparation, ground system calculations with related maps and equipment list, single line diagram of protection and control system, detailed maps of protection and control system, wiring and cable tables, switchboards equipment list, control and relay switchboard maps,  DC&AC UPS system, measurement and marshalling switchboards, CT&PT and relays coordination calculations , supervision of startup and commissioning operations

Professional group:
5 existing subgroups constitute this department and collaborate in a way that after receiving requirements and ideas of employer, initial and elaborative stages of design are accomplished successfully and resulting documents are delivered to supervision organization for installation and commissioning operations.

HV equipment subgroup:
Design and determining Specifications of HV equipment (outdoor use) for instance: power transformers, disconnect switches and breakers, CT&PT and lightning arrester, etc

Control subgroup:
Control switchboards& equipment list preparation, measurement and control, schematics and single line diagram, etc

Protection subgroup:
Equipment, relays, protection switchboards lists preparation, control, schematics and single line diagram, ground system design, etc

Automation and telecommunication subgroup:
PLC and optical fiber system design, RTU and Dispatching maps preparation, DCS system design, etc

Lighting installation and metal structures subgroup:
Indoor and outdoor lighting system design for substations, metal structures and bus-bar connections maps preparation & design

Civil engineering department, receiving required information from Substation Department, performs the tasks related to foundations, buildings and cable tunnels, site design

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