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Nowadays, subway systems have a very critical role in metropolitan areas in reducing the traffic problems and air pollution.
USA, Germany, France and Japan are among developed countries which have gained the benefites of subway systems for many years. In Iran, among number of some obstacles in installing subway systems is the urban utilities and infrastructures due to limited distances from these installations.
 Industry and infrastructures department of MONA Co. has been selected as one of TURO’s (Tabriz Urban Railway Organization) consultants since 2007 in line 1&2 projects.
Tabriz, as one of the largest cities in the country has been populated recently;so, solving the traffic problems in urban areas is a matter of the utmost importance for the officials who manage public transportation issues in country. As a result, Projects and contracts are being proposed and assigned respectively and regional organizations cooperation is an urgent need. MONA Co seeks to manage all of these and provides required services.


Introduction & Services of Infrastructures Department

According to number4 and number5 of development plans in industry sector, urban and interurban transportation and infrastructures play a substantial role in country development and advancement. As a result, the company, according to development plans in country and relaying on professional, creative and qualified personnel and hardware &software utilities, began to establish infrastructure department

:Rendering engineering services of railway and subway power system, including

  • Exclusive Transmission substation for railways
  • Overhead and underground lines with various scales of HV and MV and supply system of railway through transmission substations
  • RS and LPS supply substations
  • DC power supply of railroad
  • (Automation, telecommunication and SCADA(supervisory control and data acquisition
  • Subway and railway MV and LV networks
  • Operation and commissioning of railway power systems

Rendering engineering and consulting services to all industry fields including: electrification, electric, mechanical, installations, water & waste water,telecommunications, gas& oil as following
Feasibility study and initial& elaborative plans and equipment technical specification preparation
preparation  of Contract and contractor selection tender documents
supervision and inspection of manufacturing and required tests on related equipment and their correspondence with standards and technical specifications
supervision of implementation
Rendering services of identification, feasibility and supervision of development, renovation and relocation for urban utility installations
Maintenance and operation and preventive maintenance services supervision
Design and supervision of installing, commissioning and maintenance of elevator and escalator
Tunnels ventilation system

Services description, ongoing and accomplished projects

:Rendering services of identification, feasibility and supervision of relocation for urban utility installations located at route of Tabriz metro- first line including
Inspection & survey and identification at route of Tabriz metro project and making required inquires from pertaining organizations
Study and survey to identify utility installations clearance for appropriate relocation of them
Scheduling for installations appropriate relocation
Supervision of implementation & execution
Inspection and obtaining approval of equipment, instruments used in project in terms of correspondence with pertaining organizations request
Control and verification of invoices
Obtaining required permits of municipality, transportation & traffic organization, and other organizations
Preparation of technical and private specifications and tender documents for utility installation relocation projects
Preparation of tender documents and assistance to select required contractors of Tabriz metro
Arrangements to hold in attend meetings and solve the probable issues between Tabriz metro and other organizations and contractors of installation relocation projects
Rendering services of identification, feasibility and supervision of relocation for urban utility installations located at route of Tabriz metro- second ,third and fourth line 
Design and study of MV transmission line for second line of Tabriz metro
Supervision of installing and procurement of elevator and escalator equipments for
stations 1 to 4 and station 6 - Tabriz metro- first line
Load flow studies of Tabriz metro- first line
Inquiry documentations and maintenance contract preparation for 20 kV cable, ground substations and tunnel lighting of metro first line and supervision of execution
Inquiry documentations and maintenance contract preparation for electrical, mechanical installations and communication network of central building and supervision
of their execution
Design and consulting services of non-electronic arresters for gas condensates reservoirs of gas refinery and etc 

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