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Introduction & Services of Renewable Energy Department

General Purposes and plans

Electricity and Energy industry has been experiencing three significant and notable mutations for the past decade:
Remarkable attention and focus on processes related to energy management and energy audit, Utilizing Energy waste and other components in order to prevent increasing flow of energy consumption and to reduce capitation of energy consumption with regard to increase in gross domestic product (GDP
Utilizing renewable Energy (Wind, solar, biomass and etc) as a substitute for fossil sources
Utilizing Distributed Generation (DG) instead of Centralized Power Generation in order to reduce power loss and improve reliability
Utilizing Combined Cooling, Heating and Power systems in order to improve efficiency of energy converters
Considering global approach and responsibility & role in area of electricity industry and in order to contribute to mentioned new processes in renewable energy field, Mona Co established an independent department at 2005 named" Renewable Energy Dept" which has sought to provide engineering services by training experts and with the help of professional university researchers

Major activities which have been performed for 5 years to achieve satisfactory purposes are as following:
Training qualified human resources and experts in energy management field, renewable energy and distributed generators with the help of professional university researchers and providing required courses
Technology transfer through training, preparing books and references, collaboration with foreign companies
Software and hardware tools in fields of energy management, renewable energy and distributed generators
Holding training courses to transfer technology

Engineering services in this department are divided into 3 general sections according to following organizational structure:


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