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Introduction & Services of Electrical Power Distribution Department
In Electric Power Networks, distribution Network is the last stage of the system by which the electrical energy is distributed and provided to the users. Being in direct connection with each of consumers, Distribution Network is the most extensive electrical network in every country


In most countries including Iran, distribution Network consists of two sections of Medium voltage network (generally with voltage level 20 KV or in some cases 33 K and less) and Low voltage network ,with voltage level of 400 V three-phase and 230 V single phase in Iran
Power distribution department in Mona Co. was established in 1992 and has been providing engineering services in two fields of design and supervision of electrical distribution networks

Mona Company, aiming at providing extensive engineering services of various concepts and fields, has been engaged in having access to new resources throughout country. Therefore, according to required policies and in order to have vast area of activities in numerous regions of country, branches of East Azarbaijan, West Azarbaijan, Ardebil, Zanjan, Ghzavin, Tehran, Gilan, Fars and Booshehr have been equipped and contracts have been signed. Mentioned offices are conducted by central office of Tabriz
Total amount of projects performed and accomplished by this department is approximately 200 Milliard Rials for about 300 contracts
Activities in design area include، design of overhead and underground MV networks ، overhead and underground LV networks ، outdoor and indoor lighting systems for residential Towns and industrial areas ، residential ، administrative and commercial complexes in rural and urban areas. Furthermore, power loss reduction projects and Electrification master plans (based on GIS software) and mechanization and automation of electric distribution networks are studied, performed and accomplished

:Power loss reduction projects and Electrification master plans
Power loss reduction projects and Electrification master plans are one of the principal activities of electric power distribution department. These projects, completely based on TAVANIR requirements and services, have been accomplished successfully in Anzali, Piranshahr, Pars Abad, Marand and Bonab in recent years

:Supervision of Electric distribution Networks
Engineering services in this field include financial and technical supervision of erection and construction, development, renovation, improvement, organizing and optimization, loss reduction and outdoor lighting and rural electrification projects in addition to operation and consumer services contracts

:Electric Distribution Networks Automation
Employees Experiences and expertise along with knowledge of recognized researchers of universities and research centers enables Power distribution department to create scientific and practical environment in order to design and provide consulting services to perform and implement electric power distribution automation projects. Consequently, with regard to electricity industry's increasing demand for automation systems, activities in this department are expected to be efficient tool for experts to advance in this area


:Power distribution department main Softwares

  • CYME
  • GIS
  • Visual Basic
  • PDLD

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