Financial Section

As one of the basic sections in the company, financial section is organized in such a way that total progress and development of the company without the collaboration of these sections is rarely successful. Various fiscal and accounting reports and data are provided and presented to the shareholders and stakeholders including the managers of the company by which one can find out the condition of the company’s health at a glimpse

:Services of Financial section

  • Pursuing the receivables form clients
  • Pursuing and getting acquittances
  • Preparing fiscal and tax documents
  • Booking the accounts
  • Bank affairs
  • Share transferring affairs
  • Preparing pay rolls
  • Social security and insurances
  • Preparing annual fiscal reports
  • Controlling financial conditions of the contracts
  • Purchasing and imprest account
  • Renting branch offices and facilitating them
  • Archiving financial documents
  • Personnel financial affairs

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